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If you were to tell us, “People don’t read anything anymore,” then we’d respond, “When was the last time you bought something WITHOUT reading about it first?”

People only buy things after they read words that convinced them to buy a product. Some companies understand that, but most don’t.

Words are what promise to alleviate fears or to fulfill wishes

The problem is, companies use confusing and vague words that don’t mean anything to the reader.

People are being hit with ads and messages all day long and have gotten really good at filtering out messages that don’t make sense or aren’t engaging.

If you don’t talk to people in a way that they’ll listen to, you risk:

  • wasting money on marketing

  • lowering your margins

  • losing customers

  • having to find ways to survive rather than thrive


Start talking to people in a way they’ll listen to

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I Get It – I’ve Been There

I understand how frustrating it can be to figure out how to communicate to people in a way they’ll respond to. I struggled with it when Rhythm got started. It wasn’t a good look for a marketing and design agency to be bad at the thing they were selling.

We finally got the act together, and between the StoryBrand Framework, top-class designers, and education in classical rhetoric, were able to nail down our own marketing strategy.

Now, Rhythm Design Co. helps our clients understand how to talk to people, come up with marketing strategies that work, and implement them, so they can engage deeper with people, increase their margins, and grow their business.

– Danny Knesek, Owner & StoryBrand Certified Guide


Ways We Connect You With People

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Brand Messaging

Everyone looks ridiculous whenever they aren’t able to clearly explain what it is they do for a living, and it’s worse for brands. We help figure out what the basis of your story is and tell it across all media to create clarity and consistency for people.

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Design & Development

If messaging is logic, then design is example. A lot of brands don’t have a visual identity that matches the story they’re telling. We help craft a beautiful identity to help brands get elevated out of the crowd and into the minds of people.

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Strategy & Advertising

Do you have a clear way to turn people into leads? Do you have automated sales funnels that send targeted messages to the right people at the right time? We can help get all of the streamlined so you don’t have to worry about it everyday.

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Advisory & Guidance

A lot of companies struggle with not knowing what the next good marketing decision is. Rhythm Design Co. will walk alongside you as your strategic marketing partner to guide you in all marketing decisions, no matter how big or small.


Stories of Success & growth

I had no idea how to proceed with the process of finding the perfect graphic for our life science department with over 36 people weighing in. We love our graphic and could not have conceived it without help from Danny and his design team. I cannot recommend them more highly!
— Cherie M., Department Chair
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Our previous website felt outdated and I knew we needed to make a change. The problem is that I had no idea how to do that or what “updated” would even look like. Danny walked with me through the whole process, made sure I understood everything about what he was doing and was always a phone call away. Our new website is clean, user-friendly, and easy to make changes to. I believe it will help improve our user’s experience and reflect well on what we are to accomplish.
— Joel M., Corpus Christi Young Life
My firm engaged Rhythm Design Co. to provide a fresh new re-branding look for our company’s logo, letterhead, presentation material, reports, website, etc. We are extremely happy with the results. Mr. Danny Knesek and his team were very pleasant to deal with. Their expertise, approach, process, and strategy went above and beyond our expectations. They are very methodical, diligent, and detailed. We would highly recommend Rhythm Design Co. for your business development and re-branding needs.
— Sal F., Bendicion Engineering

how we’ll work together

Frame the message

Your business is unique, and you’ve got a story to tell. A lot of people struggle figuring out what the basics of their story are, so together, we’ll do some digging into your brand to discover what’s true and good about your story.

bring the message to life

We now understand the frame of the message, but how do we turn that into words and pictures that sell things? Rhythm will do the heavy lifting and put all the copy and images in place that will make your story engaging.

Amplify the message

With the engaging words and pictures that bring out what’s true and good about your brand, we’ll start developing and making live your marketing material. You’ll have the tools you need that’ll grow your business.

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How To Write Copy Like A Pro

Many companies are wasting an enormous amount of money on marketing. They spend top dollar for fancy looking logos, clever slogans, flashy websites, and complex advertising strategies, but most of the time they are making one big mistake that’s costing them.

The words they use are confusing.

In this guide, you’ll learn 5 questions you need ask yourself every time you sit down to write copy, whether it’s for an ad, website, video script, whatever.

Download the guide now!

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