If You Use Words To Sell, You Need StoryBrand

Learn a framework That Will Help You communicate Clearly

Eliminate Confusion

Connect With Customers

Grow Your Company

 What is StoryBrand?


Donald Miller has been an accomplished author for years, but when he started applying his story-writing techniques to marketing, things changed for him.

He has since started the marketing consulting firm, StoryBrand, and released his paramount book Building A StoryBrand. StoryBrand is focused on one thing, and one thing only.

Teaching businesses How To make more money.


 What is a storyBrand Certified Guide?


When StoryBrand got started, they dedicated themselves to teaching people how to use the Framework. When people started asking them if StoryBrand could go ahead and execute the Framework for them, they had to say no.

In steps the StoryBrand Certified Guide. The Guide is partnered with StoryBrand to take what companies learn in the book, online course, live workshop, and private workshops and bring those messages to life. We help consult you to take the clear message you create with StoryBrand and bring it into all of your marketing material.

A clear message is only good if you say it. So StoryBrand Certified Guides are all about one thing.

Helping Businesses Make More Money.

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Did we mention that we’re part of the StoryBrand community? A lot of companies in South Texas are wasting too much money on marketing because they use the wrong words. We work with companies to make their messages and marketing clear to stop confusing and start creating customers.

StoryBrand & Rhythm Design Co.

Danny is our resident StoryBrand Certified Guide. He was certified in February of 2019, and has been helping businesses grow ever since. Small-mid size businesses, non-profits, freelancers, and the self-employed are all in his portfolio.

“I understand how frustrating it can be to figure out how to communicate to people in a way they’ll respond to. I struggled with it when Rhythm got started. It wasn’t a good look for a marketing and design agency to be bad at the thing they were selling.

We finally got the act together, and between the StoryBrand Framework, top-class designers, and education in classical rhetoric, were able to nail down our own marketing strategy.

I became a StoryBrand Certified Guide because I believe there’s a better way to help businesses in Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas grow. There’s not a lot of help available to them, and I think that’s a tragedy. It shouldn’t be that way.”

– Danny Knesek, Owner & StoryBrand Certified Guide


Clarify Your Message With StoryBrand

By using our affiliate links, you’ll gain access to the course, and Rhythm will help sweeten the deal by providing you extra care. 

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StoryBrand Online Course

A lot of companies need to know the basics of how to tell a story before writing any marketing copy. When you take the course, you’ll be able to make better websites for your company, write better emails, and be able to answer the dreaded question, “What do you do?” Sign up, and get a free 60-minute consultation from Rhythm Design Co. to make sure you got it right.

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Live Marketing Workshop

At the Live Worksop, you get to be in the room with trained facilitators. The facilitators are giving you more detail and giving feedback on your company’s message so you can know you’re doing it right and ensure results. When you get back, you’ll get a free 2-hour session to start building the tools and plan next steps for growing your business.

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Private Workshop

You can get your whole team or organization on the same page with a StoryBrand Private Workshop. All that needs to happen is you need to apply for the workshop, book a date, enjoy the workshop. After learning the Framework, Rhythm Design Co. will step in for the last part of the session to help you start creating landing pages, lead generators, and email campaigns.